It’s a proven fact! The best source of quality applicants is your employees. Who better to help with recruiting? The first step in motivating your employees to help recruit apprentices is to let them know what you want to do and provide them with the tools to help you. Luckily, you’re a Nexstar Network member and we’ve created poster templates that announce to your staff that you are looking for more great people like them.

Nexstar has these poster templates on the member website, located under the recruiting and retention tab. The posters were created by Steffan Busch, Nexstar’s Recruiting and Retention Coach and Nexstar’s marketing coaches. The ones that specifically highlight NexTech Academy are called out in the title of the template.

There are many examples for you to draw inspiration from. It may help you to look at all of them and pick a few that you think will resonate with your employees. Many reference NexTech Academy, specifically, so you will want to share high-level information about NexTech to your employees. It’s important that they feel comfortable talking about it with their friends. Keep in mind that the NexTech Academy website is a great place to refer them to. Specifically, the student experience section.

You’ll want to customize the template to make sure it looks like it was created by your company. Make sure to focus on your selling points and be specific and personable.

Hopefully, these poster templates will kickstart your recruiting and get your employees excited about sharing why you’re a great place to work!


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