NexTech Academy Graduates Will Put Their Best Foot Forward

August 7, 2019

Here at NexTech Academy, we are quickly becoming a game-changer in the industry. To be the best, we believe in helping our students put their best foot forward in their given trades. Hence, we are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Timberland Footwear and Chet’s Shoes to provide approved safety footwear for our graduates.

Why footwear?

When deciding on a graduation gift for our graduates, quality was the key word. We wanted to provide a proven product that our graduates can use every day when they are out in the field being rock stars!

How will it work?

Upon completing the technical training program, students will receive an email from NexTech Academy with a code to redeem a gifted pair of Timberland boots at powered by Chet’s Shoes. Students will get a chance to select from several Timberland boot styles and the size of their choice.

Why Timberland?

When you think of Timberland products, you think of quality. Since 1999 the Timberland PRO line of products has been focused for tradespeople. With 20 years of innovation incorporated in their products, Timberland PRO products deliver footwear and workwear that ensures comfort, durability, and performance that tradespeople can rely on.

With top of the line innovations and multiple styles to choose from, Timberland PRO footwear features include: being waterproof, alloy toe, composite toe, outsole heat resistant up to 572°F, slip-resistant outsole and so much more.

At, men and women can find exclusive styles to choose from for their graduation gift.

For women, the styles are Timberland PRO Hightower, Titan Alloy Toe and Titan Soft Toe.

For men, the styles are Endurance, Helix, Linden, Hypercharge, Helix HD, Titan Alloy Toe and Titan Soft Toe.

Chet’s Shoes

Chet's Shoes - We Fit North AmericaEncompassing of six stores, four mobile stores, and an online store, Chet’s Shoes is a full-service family-owned company specializing in industrial and recreational footwear founded in Columbia Heights, Minnesota in 1947.  Chet’s Shoes is focused on quality, fit, and providing great customer service. Because of these values, Chet’s Shoes is the Timberland footwear distributor of choice. NexTech Academy appreciates Chet’s Shoes for their partnership and their guidance in making this experience possible for our future graduates.

Stay tuned…

Currently, Timberland boots are only available to graduates of NexTech Academy. As we continue our partnership with Chet’s Shoes, we hope to make this program available to all Nexstar members.

Lastly, we hope our graduates will enjoy receiving this quality gift from NexTech Academy!

Congratulations, future graduates!


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