The new NexTech Academy electrician training courses have been a long time in the making. Our coaches, instructional designers, business leaders, and training professionals have spent countless months developing a program that would exceed your expectations and prepare electrical students for success.

We’ve taken our time to be sure each aspect was right so students interested in pursuing a career as an electrician would have the most comprehensive online learning experience available. The goal, like all NexTech Academy programs, is to arm new electrical technicians with the information and confidence they need to hit the field running on day one.

The New Coursework for Success

The NexTech Academy electrician program is built with the same proven structure as our HVAC and plumbing programs.

In the Technical Skills component, students will watch videos and learn how to break down complex tasks into actionable steps.

During Soft Skills, we will equip students with the ability to balance their technical skills with customer service skills to make each visit and interaction better.

The Reading component is an essential part of a complete training program. Here, students gain a deeper understanding of the video content, providing improved context and clarity.

Students will also go through a Skills Assessment component to demonstrate to instructors and themselves all that they’ve learned in a controlled environment before they enter the field.

Why NexTech Academy 2.0 electrician training succeeds.

HVAC and plumbing graduates of NexTech Academy already know the many advantages of using the courses. They can tell you how they didn’t need any previous experience in the trades to succeed. They’d also likely mention how they valued the ability to take the courses entirely online. This provides the flexibility many students need to learn at their own pace. Students also like the way NexTech Academy topics are segmented into modules that combine reading, interactive exercises, quizzes videos and skills demonstrations. What students also appreciate is the attention paid to soft skills. They learn how mindset, the ability to read body language and use other techniques to avoid conflict and improve customer satisfaction scores. Away from training, students get valuable, real-world, hands-on experience shadowing industry pros as they work with customers in the field. Plus, everyone appreciates the ability to complete their training in 2 years or less, as opposed to 4–5 years with traditional apprenticeships models.

How NexTech Academy 2.0 improves online vocational training.

NexTech Academy has always been a very good choice for online vocational training. But very good wasn’t going to be good enough for Nexstar Network members. That’s why we developed NexTech Academy 2.0. It takes everything we offer further to create the best-trained HVAC, plumbing and electric technicians possible.

The improvements include:

  • More training options
  • More video content
  • New plumbing and HVAC content
  • New electrical curriculum
  • Easier progress tracking
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Interactive reading assignments
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard
  • More training support resources
  • Faster enrollment

Visit the HVAC, plumbing or electrician page and try a demo for yourself. See the difference and understand why NexTech Academy is the best online vocational training program for technicians.

Start your interested candidates off right.

For people considering a skilled trade and seeking vocational training programs, especially to become an electrician, it’s hard to top NexTech Academy. The online technical training program is designed to be fast, effective, flexible and successful. Our programs have been proven for HVAC technician training and plumber training, now, we are proud and excited to add electrical training to our curriculum.

If you’re interested in helping new hires begin their electrician training, we strongly recommend training from NexTech Academy. Have your new hires or interested candidates get started at the student experience page or call us at (651) 426-2000.


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We have been working hard on improving NexTech Academy, making changes to the program that will reduce the operating expenses. We updated pricing in September 2019, and we are launching new training resources to Nexstar Network members in Spring 2020.

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