In June, Nexstar Network member, The Eco Plumbers of Columbus, Ohio, hosted a peer group. What’s a peer group? Good question. It’s when one Nexstar member company opens its doors to other members and shares what’s working well and what isn’t in their business. Collectively, the group learns from each other’s successes and brainstorms how to overcome challenges.

One of the topics discussed was The Eco Plumbers use of NexTech Academy as their online trade school program.

The Eco Plumbers primary trade is plumbing. They have thirteen students in the NexTech Academy plumbing program, supported by Travis Mershon, drain and excavation manager and Braun Bocook, service manager. All students are currently on their way to complete Level 2 and begin Level 3 of the program, where they will begin practicing more advanced plumbing troubleshooting and repairs.

Nexstar President and CEO, Jack Tester filmed a video featuring Derek Littlejohn, an installation team member and David Early, who is training with David in the field.  They explained their experience with NexTech Academy so far and how they are using the program to grow.

Check out the video and if you’re a current NexTech user, we’d love to hear your success story. Reach out to!