Attitude shapes success. When you are a young apprentice working for an electrical, HVAC or plumbing business, behavior and mindset have a tremendous impact on your personal success and the bottom line.

It is important that everyone within an organization takes moments of personal reflection from time to time. Think about what you do and how you go about the work. Attempt to be intentional when you interact with others. Ask if you are:

All of these will make you better at your trade and help you become a larger asset to the company.

These ideas are only the beginning. Read on to see how to bring about even greater improvements and become more successful at your trade.

Students can count on Training Leaders.

As a student at NexTech Academy, you have access to the top online vocational training program available. The curriculum and platform make learning a trade faster, easier and more affordable. But there’s another aspect that’s just as valuable as the courses—it’s the training leader at your company.

Training leaders help students reach their full potential by offering answers, offering support to complete skills assessments and advising on best practices done by your company.

A great electrician, HVAC technician or plumber never stops learning.

As a student, your number one responsibility is to be curious and absorb all the knowledge you can.

As a technician in the field, your number one job should be the same thing as a student.

In other words, you should always be learning.

Technical innovation doesn’t stop and neither can you, even when it comes to traditional skilled trades. Look no further than the rapid adoption of smart home technology. It’s changing the entire game. Whether you’re an electrician, HVAC technician or plumber, the equipment you are working on or installing is evolving rapidly. Even a toilet can now have touchscreens, power supplies, heated seats and LED lighting. The only way to handle these changes in technology is to stay current with ongoing learning. Fortunately, NexTech Academy has technicians covered with new courses covering these types of advancements.

The best way to lead is to teach.

Knowledge is good when applied and best when shared.

Valuable electrical, HVAC and plumbing technicians first and foremost do right by the customer. However, they also make their companies better.

How? By sharing what they know with others.

To do this technicians need to maintain a team mentality. Think, “we all succeed when each one of us succeeds.” Your paycheck is directly linked to the success of other technicians. You want them to improve, work faster, get better ratings, and receive fewer callbacks.

Eventually, you’ll reach a level of success where your concerns are not just about yourself. You’ll likely come to a place where you want to help other aspiring technicians, just as they helped you. That’s one of the great things about a career in skilled trades. You always have a chance to give back and help the next generation to learn the craft. A fantastic way to do this is by becoming a NexTech Academy training leader. In this role, you are helping pass the torch onward and saying thanks to those who took the time and responsibility to help you.

A brighter future in the skilled trades begins with NexTech Academy.

The path tomorrow begins with NexTech Academy. It provides a road that can lead all the way to your career aspirations. In fact, NexTech Academy even offers an entire course on how to build your future. Career success as an electrician, HVAC technician or plumber is not a question of if or how. With NexTech Academy, it’s a process of learning, following the steps, and staying the course.

Everything your future self wants is possible. The person you want to be. The life and home you want to have. The dreams you intend to make come true. It can all become a reality when you take the first step of enrolling in self-paced, online vocational training with NexTech Academy. In fact, you can get started learning more about NexTech Academy or call us at (651) 426-2000.