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Evaluate your trainee’s mechanical potential.

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test can help identify candidates with good mechanical reasoning abilities who might be a good fit for a technician position within your company.

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You must assign a staff member from your company (service manager, field supervisor, etc.) to oversee hands-on skills assessments to ensure students are able to apply their online learning. Skills assessments can be performed on the job with a senior technician, or in a training facility at the member shop.

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There’s never been a better time to grow your workforce. With NexTech Academy, you can provide access to flexible, online training for future electric, plumbing and HVAC technicians.

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Grow your workforce with flexible, online technical and soft skills training through NexTech Academy. Available to Nexstar members, our comprehensive programs are designed specifically for technicians with little or no experience in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades.

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Common questions about how to get started.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: At this time, NexTech Academy is available for Nexstar Network members only and payment is made on a subscription basis. There is a one-time enrollment fee and then a monthly fee for the life of the subscription. Nexstar members can pay with gold points.

Q: What do I need to provide for an employee to start training?

A: To complete their online training, trainees will need access to a computer, an internet connection, a valid email address, and a quiet place to work. For the hands-on portion of their training, you will need to provide access to tools and equipment to complete the skill assessments.

Q: Do you offer training for experienced technicians?

A: While training for an experienced technician is vital for growth, NexTech Academy is currently geared towards someone with no technical training. Experienced technicians would benefit from soft skills training classes such as Nexstar’s Service System Self-Study Guide, Service System Training Classes, and the C1 Video Series, among other programs offered. Learn more about Nexstar training programs.

Q: Is the program open to installers?

A: Installation practices as they relate to the service technician will be covered, but the program is not specifically built for installation mechanics.

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