Tracking time spent learning is important in the trades for many reasons, such as:

For example, in Minnesota master and journeyworker plumbers must complete 16 hours of approved continuing education in each two-year license period. Each state or province has different rules surrounding continuing education credits, but NexTech Academy can be presented to your state’s department of labor and industry as an option for fulfilling these credits.

How Does NexTech Academy Display Time Tracking Information?

The NexTech Academy curriculum is organized into learning plans, which are made up of courses. NexTech’s learning management system displays the total amount of time estimated to complete the fours levies of curriculum as well as how each student is tracking towards graduation.

For example, as you can see in plumbing technical training track image above, it is estimated that it will take 325 hours and 57 minutes of study to graduate. The estimated time is calculated by looking at adult average reading time, length of videos and average time to complete  hands-on skill assessments. This student is 67% complete and they are averaging a faster time of completion of than they estimated time.

What about breaking down online time vs. skill practice?

Some licensure organization focus on how the student is learning as well as how much time is spent learning. In each course description, you can find the average time spent in the course broken down into time spent reading and watching video and time spent on skill practice. It looks like this:

If you would like to learn more about how NexTech Academy is structured and how time tracking is measured, make sure to watch this video.