Get To Know Dave Herding NexTech Academy Instructional Designer

May 20, 2020
Dave Herding

How did you get into instructional design?

I started my teaching career using classroom lectures as the primary means to disseminate information to my students.  But over time, I became dissatisfied with such traditional forms of education and training methodologies, since actual learning and effectiveness was difficult to objectively measure.  So I enrolled in a Masters program that specialized in adult education that emphasized demonstrating competencies. In my studies, I discovered foundational theories and learning models that led to more effective ways to teach. I was then able to transfer such knowledge and skills to face-to-face and online learning environments as an instructional designer.

Why are you passionate about it?

Seeing people change, improve, gain confidence, and become competent in their trade as their lives are transformed for the better is direct evidence that my instructional design/teaching has been effective.  Knowing that my skills and talents have positively impacted someone else is fulfilling and rewarding beyond words.

What are your hopes for NexTech Academy students / Nexstar member companies?

I hope that both students and members find long-term value and overwhelming trust in our program. Our curriculum is solidly designed by experts in the trades, and our NexTech team works diligently to ensure that our courses are relevant and applicable.  A lot of careful thought and effort takes place behind the scenes of course development. My hope is that all these aspects are unquestionably apparent to our students and members.

What has been your favorite lesson that you’ve built so far?

“Panels and Related Components” was a memorable course because we were able to put together an interactive timeline of different eras of electrical panels throughout the years from the 1940s until now. It was interesting to create a multimedia piece that depicted the years and evolution of panel types over time which allows students to visualize how service panels have morphed and improved. (See an example of this interactive lesson at the bottom of the page.)

Why do you like working in the residential home services industry?

I got hooked early in high school with shop classes and drawing floor plans. Architectural design was my first college degree and something that I have always enjoyed throughout my life. So, to transfer those skills and abilities into the residential home services industry while coupling it with my interests and passion for sound instructional design makes it a perfect fit for me at this point in my career.

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