Does this scenario sound familiar? You spend money and time training your employees with the best intentions. You know the content is solid and you’re excited that your efforts will pay off with improved employee engagement and better performance. Post-training, energy levels are high, and you are feeling pretty good about your decision.

In the weeks that follow, you find that the enthusiasm has waned, and things seem pretty much the same as before the training session.

What gives? It could be the cognitive biases that exist in your business. Cognitive biases result in when people hold on to their own preferences and beliefs, leading to mistakes in reasoning, evaluating or decision making. Everyone has them, whether they are aware of them or not.

When it comes to learning, cognitive biases can also lead to bad judgments and a resistance to incorporate new information or ideas into your business.

At NexTech Academy, we think about cognitive biases when we construct curriculum. We know that when it comes to an online technical training program, there might be many biases at play because learning via an online plumbing program or HVAC program breaks traditional vocational school methods.

To help you uncover biases that may be at play in your business, we’ve put together a lesson that will help you explore common biases and will give you ideas on how to overcome them to make the most of your training endeavors. Check it out below!

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