One advantage to involving others in training is that students receive a wider perspective and different angles of knowledge. The Training Leader may have taken on the responsibility of heading this effort, but certain staff members will also have valuable contributions. As a Training Leader, at times you may need to delegate these tasks to specific individuals to keep the student engaged and moving throughout the program. Take into consideration:

As a Training Leader, take the time to think critically about where and when to leverage the knowledge and experience of your coworkers. In a way, you’re the project manager of this training program. You can survey the assets of everyone in your team in order to curate a more rich and comprehensive training experience.


Places could include working on live fired equipment in your shop, or having the student ride along with the Training Leader or senior technician on calls in the field. This could also include an actual classroom setting at the shop or the student will be tasked with doing the online training at their home after-hours.


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