NATE® (North American Technician Excellence) was founded in 1997 and is the nation’s largest non-profit organization for HVACR and refrigeration technicians. We respect that NATE® exams are continuously updated to represent the real world of HVACR as it changes rapidly.

These exams are developed by a group of industry experts nationwide and the subjects of these exams are pertinent to contractors, educators and local utility companies for HVAC businesses to provide utility rebates for their customers.

NexTech Academy® has worked hard to become a NATE® recognized training provider because we believe this is the best foundation to support our members in training and development. Now, that NexTech Academy® has partnered with NATE®, we have even more for you to offer to your technicians, your customers and ultimately a better bottom line.

What does this mean for your business?

What does this mean for your technicians?

Which certifications can my technicians get CEU’s for?

NexTech Academy® offers training for the following Nate’s certifications:

Air Conditioning Installation Air Conditioning Service
Gas Heating (Air) Installation Gas Heating (Air) Service
Air Distribution Service Air Distribution Installation
Air to Air Heat Pump Installation* Air to Air Heat Pump Service*
Efficiency Analyst Senior Technician HVAC Performance verifier
Hydronics Gas Installation* Hydronics Gas Service*
Hydronics Oil Installation* Hydronics Oil Service*
Oil Heating (Air) Installation Oil Heating (Air) Service
Ready to Work Certificate HVAC Support Technician


If you have any specific questions about the HVAC program or any questions on NATE® recertification, feel free to contact our HVAC Technical Coach at 651-426-2000.

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