What’s New at NexTech Academy?

Since the formation of NexTech Academy, the coaches have served as subject matter experts, creating content for NexTech’s plumbing, HVAC, and electrical programs.

Now that much of the content has been created, and in some cases re-created, the coaches of NexTech Academy are shifting into a coaching and support role for members. While each of the NexTech coaches is an expert in their individual field, the coaches will now be mainly focused on helping members as they implement NexTech Academy in their businesses and use it on a regular basis.

Surprising Questions

With a technical training program, you might think that a majority of the questions participants ask would be technical, or would revolve around the technical aspects of the trade, right? Not so. The vast majority of questions have been about facilitation and implementation of the program, or training in general. “How do we do this in our business successfully?” is the question that has been asked the most.

Working the Model

The NexTech Academy coaches have developed a coaching model for companies using the NexTech Academy program. This model focuses on specific areas that can make or break any technical training initiative in a member’s shop. Data from current and former participants in the program helped to identify these areas, and companies that have had success using NexTech Academy are those that were able to navigate these areas.

What Does Coaching and Member Support Mean?

Coaching can take many forms, from helping those tasked with developing or implementing technical training, to coaching calls that encourage training leaders and hold them accountable. There is no universal starting line for businesses that want to begin a training program. NexTech coaches help to identify your starting line and then develop a plan to get you to the finish. Everyone’s race to train their employees with NexTech Academy will be a little different, and the levels of support are flexible to meet your business’s unique needs.

Our Finish Line

The ultimate goal of NexTech Academy is graduates. We know that a graduate of the NexTech program is an individual trained in the technical aspects of the trade, as well as the soft skills necessary to successfully serve customers. Graduates are also valuable members of a team, and serve as ambassadors for Nexstar Network members. They generate revenue for their companies and themselves, and, at the end of the day, they get to be heros, because the customers they serve truly appreciate their abilities and skills in a time of need. This is a triple win: a win for the technician, the customer, and the company. Our finish line – graduates of NexTech Academy – means that everyone wins.

What are you doing for the future of your business? Do you have the manpower needed for growth? Take the first step toward your future. Reach out to your NexTech Academy Coach to start the discussion. They can be found on your Nexstar Member Page.

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