NexTech Academy makes online vocational training for aspiring electricians, HVAC technicians and plumbers faster, easier and arguably, more effective. A great deal of these benefits is due to the quality of the content, depth of course topics, robustness of the platform and self-guided learning. But there is something else that makes a critical difference in the NexTech Academy program: the training leader.

A training leader is someone the business owner assigned to oversee their employees’ training. The role of a training leader lays somewhere between a guidance counselor and a teacher.

Your business’ leader will be someone who works alongside the students, tracking their progress and offering advice. They will help the student determine if they could move faster through the program or perhaps, be better served by slowing their pace. The training leader can also advise students when it’s time to move from their current learning module to the next one. This is typically done by accessing their skills and knowledge to ensure they comprehend the material that is being covered.

The training leader is also available to answer a student’s questions about the program or particular aspects of a lesson. This is especially helpful when students encounter advanced or highly technical topics. In actuality, the training leader is the student’s best resource for any needs, concerns or questions that may arise throughout the NexTech Academy process. They help students address challenges and move swiftly toward successful course completion.

Identifying the skill to lead.

The right training leader for your business might be different from someone else’s. In fact, identifying the training leader is less about job title and years of experience and more about their personal characteristics.

So what should you look for? These attributes are a good place to start.

Job Experience

The training leader doesn’t need to be your most seasoned technician, but it is certainly helpful if they have first-hand knowledge and success working in the field. Their knowledge can provide the curriculum with valuable, real-world context.

Team Player

A great training leader is a person who cares about the student’s success and puts their needs first. There are many reasons why a person would want to take on the assignment of being the training leader, but chief among these should be a stone-cold desire to make their colleagues better.


A team leader will be responsible for connecting students with seasoned technicians to practice their skills, do skills assessments or participate in a ride-along to service calls.


Learning can be a challenge. Team leaders have to be able to remain patient and understanding as a student struggles with some materials. They should also have the ability to present ideas and lessons in different ways to help the student better understand the curriculum.

Field Savvy

The training leader should have an exceptional grasp for knowing when a student is ready to apply a learned skill in the field. This will help them determine if a student is prepared to advance to the new material, and needs to review and continue focusing on the lesson at hand.

Strong Communicator

Clear, accurate and concise communication is critical for a successful learning experience. A training leader should be able to clearly articulate expectations for each student.

Self Aware

As students work with training leaders, coaches are available to training leaders for guidance on navigating the program, conducting skills assessments, and any aspect of NexTech Academy training.

People Skills

Trainers play a critical role in employee retention and development.

Support that a training leader can depend on.

Like students, training leaders also have someone they can turn to for support, guidance and knowledge: NexTech Academy coaches. Becoming a training leader can feel intimidating, but there is nothing to fear. NexTech coaches have a training leader’s back throughout the entire process.

NexTech Academy also has a handy webpage to support the needs of training leaders. Here they can find helpful advice, tips, tools and answers to important questions.

Finding the right training leader is worth the effort.

Self-paced, online vocational training from NexTech Academy has what aspiring electricians, HVAC technicians and plumbers need for success. That includes the human element with skilled training leaders. Who you choose to fill your training leader role is an important decision—one that will shape the quality and profitability of your electrical, HVAC or plumbing business today, and well into the future.

Follow this advice and find people with the proper characteristics of the job. Trust us, the results will pay off. This is too important of a decision to assign to just anyone.

If you’re a business owner or aspiring apprentice, you can get started with NexTech Academy or call us at (651) 426-2000.