Why are coaching onsite visits so helpful? One reason is that a different set of eyes can offer a fresh perspective to your business.

Case in point: This past August, I was invited to Stewart Plumbing in Southaven, Mississippi. My mission? Meet their team and work with Stewart’s plumbing service manager, Mike Robbins, to improve their training program. Mike and I were going to build out a team training calendar that would include technical, soft-skills, and safety training, as well as third-party training from manufacturers’ representatives for products employees regularly use.

Another item on the agenda for my coaching onsite visit was to help find future leaders in the business. Two of Stewart’s technicians were nearing the end of the NexTech Academy Plumbing curriculum and showing that they had the potential to move into leadership training positions. After meeting and talking with both employees, I agreed that both of them were suited to guide and support current and future technicians.

The last major item on my list for Stewarts was helping their employees search for lost opportunities. This is a common request for companies, as some technicians struggle to offer repair options outside of the reason for the service visit and feel intimidated when asked to do so. Low conversion rates, limited repair options, and low average tickets are all symptoms of mental barriers and technician beliefs that stand in the way of success. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to challenge a technician’s thinking or help them look at a situation in a different light. There’s surprising power in a third-party that validates what they’ve already heard a thousand times from owners or service managers! By the last day of my visit, the team and I had had built a sizable list of action steps to help them move toward their company goals. I’m excited to see how far the Stewart Plumbing team can go.

Did you know? All onsite visits are 100% customized by the member and what their specific needs are.

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