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Let’s face it: finding qualified technicians isn’t as easy as it once was. Most companies have realized this fact and shifted their hiring practice towards finding candidates with the right attitude. Technical skills can be trained!

When NexTech Academy – Nexstar’s online, self-paced, trades-focused technical training school – was introduced in 2018, it was an industry first. Before NexTech Academy, most plumbing, electrical, and HVAC technical training revolved around commercial and industrial new construction, with only a few references to residential service. Since 2018, the NexTech Academy team has been working to improve and expand the NexTech program and its offerings, focusing on implementation and support. The result has been a technical training school that’s effective in its delivery and results.

The 10 Laws of NexTech Academy

By design, NexTech Academy can be used in multiple ways in any residential service business. Current and former users of NexTech Academy offered up performance data to the NexTech team, which helped the team identify the most challenging areas of the program for member companies – the areas that could adversely affect training. With these challenging areas in mind, the NexTech team came up with the 10 Laws of NexTech Academy.


Based on the top 10 areas that can make or break a training program, the 10 Laws can be used as guidelines for training leaders, who, along with their NexTech Academy coach, can create action plans to circumvent those challenges before training is affected.

The result is a customized plan for the training leader, helping them to successfully implement and facilitate the NexTech Academy program. The customized plan is then reinforced with regular coaching calls to keep the training leader accountable to the plan, so that the whole training team is successful.

How To Use the 10 Laws

The first step towards implementing a successful NexTech Academy training program is to review the 10 Laws and ask yourself, “Which of these laws do we need to address within our business?”

The next step is to contact your NexTech Academy coach and begin developing a training plan for your business. (See Law #1.)

Remember, not all businesses are the same. Each will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The 10 Laws help identify those areas that need that extra attention, so that a training plan unique to your business can be developed. NexTech Academy coaching then holds training leaders accountable to the plan, ensuring a successful training outcome.

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