Over a year ago, our online trade school program has decided to move away from the traditional textbook look and feel. We wanted to redesign the content in our electrical program to fit employed students who are pursuing continuing education. We wanted to deliver a new and improved interactive learning experience with relevant information that students could apply in the field. We are proud of our work and love what we do! We decided to interview our Electrical Coach to get an insight into one of her favorite lessons from the electrical program.

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What is your favorite Lesson?

Switching Configuration might not seem like a very exciting topic. But one thing I learned early on is a large majority of people struggle with the wiring, connections, and function of three-way and four-way switching arrangements. There are correct ways to wire switch configurations, there are wrong ways, and then there are unsafe ways that still work. I like the variety and the layers in this course. It has reading assignments, interactive methods, visuals, story problems, and video demonstrations that walk the student through basic function, proper installation, creative placement, and then allows them to take the reins with problem-solving.

What was the design process like for this lesson?

Studies have shown that we retrieve information more easily if we can connect with it on multiple levels. The design concepts in the reading assignment titled Switch Positions does just that. It connects the trade terms to laymen’s terms to symbols to images to function to switch positions to technical drawings to application. The application of the information in this assignment takes the form of a drag and drop interactive. The student is given a story problem, or a customer scenario, and an opportunity to select the correct switch type and position to turn a load on. This pattern is repeated throughout the lessons in this course.

Drag and drop Switch Position Interaction lesson.

What is one feature you want to show off from the course? Why?

One feature about this course that I love is a hot spot activity we created. It offers a multitude of ways students can connect with the content and, in turn, retain the information. The activity provides text using the terms they learned to describe the arrangement, offers up do’s and don’ts technical drawings to help students become familiar with the way the components are represented, displays furniture to apply design ideas and options to, provides wiring diagrams to help students visualize the physical connections that need to be made, and features a wiring legend to connect the wiring commonly used from point to point. Each hot spot location is loaded with information and packs a punch!

Hot spot lesson activity

Closing Remark from Corinne Hall, Electrical Coach

My favorite thing about NexTech Academy, and the layout of this course, is the opportunity to connect you and your technical training to the customers and the service calls you will experience. Keep the customer as your primary focus and believe in your ability to make great things happen. Be creative and have fun! For questions about this lesson or interest in how to get started with us today call us at (651) 426-2000.