How Can a Nexstar Network Membership Help HVAC Technicians Train with NexTech Academy?

Running a successful HVAC business involves a good measure of luck and timing. These variables are obviously beyond an HVAC business owner’s control. You can’t create demand. You can’t cause HVAC equipment to fail. You can’t force an increase in new installations. You can’t change mandates, regulations or tax incentives for eco-friendly upgrades. However, there is something you can do. Be prepared for whatever opportunity arises. An ideal way to become prepared is to be part of a professional organization like the Nexstar Network.

A Nexstar Network membership provides many business-enhancing benefits and wise business owners take full advantage of all of them. But no benefit is more important to a business owner’s success than HVAC technician training through NexTech Academy. Nothing you do as an HVAC business owner delivers the same return as improving your technicians’ base of knowledge and functional skill set.

A skilled HVAC technician improves your HVAC business in many ways:

  • Customer satisfaction scores go up
  • Jobs are completed faster
  • There are fewer callbacks to deal with
  • There will be an uptick in selling services and products

You’ll also find that well-trained HVAC technicians become an asset to their colleagues, offering tips, insights and advice to coworkers.

So what makes NexTech Academy the right choice for HVAC technician training?

Proven online vocational training.

NexTech Academy has been training and producing highly skilled HVAC technicians for years. The process, curriculum and results are proven to work. Whether you have new hires who are just entering the trade or veteran technicians seeking improvement, NexTech Academy is always the best choice for online vocational training. NexTech Academy courses are both diverse and comprehensive, offering the lessons an HVAC technician should know and the things you’d like them to know, such as soft skills.

Learn faster and get to work sooner.

Students learn HVAC skills faster with NexTech Academy. In fact, most HVAC students complete their NexTech Academy Training in half the time it takes to complete traditional vocational training programs.

Why? Because NexTech Academy allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Each course is online and available whenever it’s convenient for the student to learn.

Eager students move through a course quickly, while slower students are allowed to learn at their own pace until they are comfortable with the material. And all students benefit from the ability to view, review, and if needed, review the curriculum again and again until they are 100% comfortable with it.

The course completion time numbers speak for themselves. Rather than slowing the learning process, students that are entrusted to learn at their own pace actually accelerate program completion.

Affordable HVAC technician training.

NexTech Academy has always been among the most affordable HVAC technician training programs available. What’s surprising is with the launch of NexTech Academy 2.0, the prices have become even more affordable.

NexTech Academy was created by Nexstar Network members to turn out better HVAC technicians and make training more affordable. In fact, NexTech Academy recently removed the enrollment fee entirely. That’s right, enrolling in NexTech Academy is free for Nexstar Network members and the student fee is only $99 a month.

Online HVAC technician training just got better.

In many ways, NexTech Academy set the standard for online vocational training success. It proved learning could be faster, more comprehensive and more affordable. However, rather than being satisfied, NexTech Academy looked for ways to improve its offering.
What was discovered led to the launch of NexTech Academy 2.0. Built on an entirely new software platform, NexTech Academy 2.0 is more robust with an easier-to-use interface, more classes, more videos, more reading materials and more tests, all for a lower price.

A better HVAC begins with the best-trained HVAC technicians.

HVAC business owners should do all they can to succeed. That begins with better HVAC technician training from NexTech Academy.

From new hires to long-tenured technicians, NexTech Academy will make everyone better. When technicians improve their skill sets, it directly enhances your bottom line and the ease at which your HVAC business operates.

From hard skills to soft skills, the online vocational training from NexTech Academy gives technicians and your business the best opportunity for long-term success. Plus, you’ll have the added benefits of increased employee retention and improved employee recruitment. NexTech Academy is an amazing perk of being a Nexstar Network member. Have your new hires or interested HVAC technicians get started at the student experience page or call us at (651) 426-2000.

Same Training. Lower Pricing.

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We have been working hard on improving NexTech Academy, making changes to the program that will reduce the operating expenses. We updated pricing in September 2019, and we are launching new training resources to Nexstar Network members in Spring 2020.

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