HVAC Training Courses Near Me

August 28, 2019

You already know that Google can easily tell you where to find a “coffee shop near me.” Interestingly, the search giant can also show you your options for “HVAC training courses near me.” Go ahead. Try it. That’s handy, if becoming an HVAC technician is your next career goal.

What should you do if a Google search tells you that there isn’t a brick-and-mortar vocational school located in a city near you? No worries. You can study online at NexTech Academy to become an HVAC technician and avoid having to move to get trained for a career in the trades.

At this time, enrollment in NexTech Academy is limited to organizations that are Nexstar Network members. Double-check that your employer is a member, or keep an eye on member job postings to begin your technical training and launch a promising new career.

No Move Necessary. HVAC Training Online.

One of the biggest barriers of traditional trades learning approaches is that you have to attend vocational school according to a schedule that works for the school, not you.

Depending on where you live, you might have an early morning commute or even have to move to a new city to attend your vocational training classes.

In contrast, NexTech Academy’s online vocational training programs allow you to complete your HVAC technician (electrical or plumber) training coursework at a time during the day when it’s most convenient for you; in the city where you reside.

That’s why you might strongly consider completing your HVAC training program entirely online at NexTech Academy. Traditional trades learning programs operate on a preset schedule, but our online vocational school makes it easy to complete coursework from any location where you can get online.

Watch HVAC Training Videos Anywhere

We don’t call it HVACTube, but maybe we should. You can watch our HVAC training videos online on your computer, tablet, or mobile device with your Wi-Fi or Internet connection. As long as you’re connected, you’re set to watch HVAC education videos anytime that works for you.

Our online videos become available while progressing through HVAC courses and provide an engaging alternative to learning a trade via textbooks. NexTech Academy uses digital technologies to offer electrical, plumbing, and HVAC technician courses online that address the full range of skills that you will need as an HVAC technician.

Learn More Online at NexTech Academy

Are you ready to explore learning a skilled trade online near you? Save yourself the Google search and explore our online vocational programs designed for the needs of future plumbing, electrical, and HVAC technicians.

The team at NexTech Academy is here to help you close your trade skills gaps and grow your ability to join the trades workforce. Our team of coaches, instructional designers, business leaders, and training professionals have decades of experience in the industry and a passion for helping students like you to succeed.

At this time, enrollment in NexTech Academy is limited to employees of Nexstar Network members.

Not sure that your employer is a member?

You can contact us via our website to check with our enrollment department. Or, for immediate assistance, feel free to call us at 651-426-2000.

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We have been working hard on improving NexTech Academy, making changes to the program that will reduce the operating expenses. We updated pricing in September 2019, and we are launching new training resources to Nexstar Network members in Spring 2020.

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