Over a year ago, our online trade school program has decided to move away from the traditional textbook look and feel. We wanted to redesign the content in our HVAC program to fit employed students who are pursuing continuing education. We wanted to deliver a new and improved interactive learning experience with relevant information that students could apply in the field. We are proud of our work and love what we do! We decided to interview our HVAC Coach to get an insight into one of his favorite lessons from the HVAC program.

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What is your favorite Lesson?

My favorite lesson would have to be Diagnosing the Refrigerant Charge in Level 1 and 2 depending on the learning start you are enrolled in.

What do you like about this course?

I personally struggled with diagnosing refrigerant charge for years when I was a young technician. I wish I had online vocational training like NexTech Academy because it took me years in the field to master things such as diagnosing refrigerant charge. When I was given the opportunity to design NexTech Academy I wanted to make this lesson will be helpful for a young apprentice to learn how to do the job right and avoid going through the struggles that I encountered when I first started.

What do you want students to take away from this lesson?

The reading interactive has a good introductory lesson on how to diagnose a refrigerant charge. I hope students can learn how to calculate superheat and subcooling from this lesson.

What is one feature you want to show off from the course? Why?

The reading interactive provides a lot of guided steps in this assignment. My favorite part is the note pad in this reading interactive and the knowledge checkpoints. The previous lesson on Checking the Refrigerant Charge will set you up for success in this lesson, so, take notes!

Steps notepad in the Diagnosing the Refrigerant Charge interactive lesson.Knowledge checkpoint from the Diagnosing the Refrigerant Charge interactive lesson.

Closing Remark from Joe DeLong, HVAC Coach

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy taking this course as much as I enjoyed developing it. With any new thing you learn, it takes patience and of course, practice. One thing I try to achieve in all of the courses I create is to try and teach the subject to prevent callbacks in the field, as these can be frustrating not only to the technician but to the company as a whole. If you can learn the correct way of performing certain steps in the process and stick with it, this will ultimately lead to fewer callbacks in the field, which will result in happy customers, more profitability, and happy technicians and leadership within the organization.

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