Scholarships Now Available from Explore the Trades!

NexTech Academy has partnered with Explore The Trades to offer scholarships to veterans hoping to enter the PHCE field.

Explore the Trades actively drives young adults, ages 15-25, into the PHCE service industry through education of employees, businesses and schools. This program uses statistics, advocacy and outreach to potential employees to build awareness about these careers.

Explore the Trades has an exclusive program called Troops to Trades that is focused on attracting talented veterans, National Guard and Reserve members to the skilled trades. The scholarship that we’ve created is for veterans interested in the Troops to Trades initiative.

The Details

Applicants can register via Explore The Trades. They must indicate if they are interested in an HVAC technical training program, electrical program, or a plumbing program. Once an applicant is approved, the grant will cover the following: the student enrollment fee and three months of training (a value of $1,100). The host company is responsible for all costs associated with the administrator’s enrollment in NexTech Academy.

How This Benefits Business Owners

Nexstar members hoping to employ veterans, now have a way to educate and onboard them via an online technical training program, with significant savings. This removes a lot of barriers for both the veteran applicants and the businesses.

How This Benefits Veterans

The trades of plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical keep our country running and are in high demand. They provide great pay, varied career opportunities and job security. Technical education is affordable and remember, you can earn while you learn during your apprenticeship!

Wait, There’s More!

And speaking of education, there are seven different scholarships now available from Explore The Trades. The applications are due August 1, 2019. For more information and to apply, please visit their website. Questions? Please contact Kate Cinnamo, Executive Director, at [email protected] or 651-789-8518.

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