If you’re thinking of becoming an electrical, HVAC or plumbing technician, the smartest choice you can make is to seek employment with a business that belongs to the Nexstar Network.

The same is true if you’re already a veteran technician searching out a new opportunity. In both cases, you want a company that has proven itself successful and is geared for greater success in the future. Well, you can’t do better than applying for a position with a Nexstar Network member business.

Why? Because it’s a business that has already been tested, verified and proven successful by other expert owners.

Not every electrical, HVAC or plumbing business qualifies for Nexstar Network membership. They have to meet high standards just to be considered. That’s because members constitute the upper echelon of skilled trade business operators. Fellow Nexstar Network members expect a new member company to make the group stronger. That’s because all Nexstar Network members work together and share their best ideas to help each other succeed.

But collaboration is only one of the many Nexstar Network advantages. Read on to learn why else businesses that belong to the Nexstar Network should be your first call for employment opportunities.

Coaching makes every employer owner better.

Great business owners have one thing in common. They know when to listen to others.

When you work for a Nexstar Network member business, you’ll know they benefit from ongoing business coaching.

Nexstar Network coaches help electrical, HVAC and plumbing business owners with key topics including marketing, finances and more. These are the critical areas that often make or break a company’s success.

As an employee of a Nexstar Network member, you can feel secure knowing your boss is getting the best guidance possible to make sure the company thrives.

Top technicians look for Nexstar Network companies.

When you work for an electrical, HVAC or plumbing business that is part of the Nexstar Network, you’ll be working among the best technicians in the field. How come? Because technicians now understand the best employment opportunities come from Nexstar Network members.

In fact, many of the member job openings are only posted on Nexstar Network job boards. These businesses want the best, so they only go where the best techs are looking.

For you, it means working alongside highly skilled, exceptionally trained technicians that you can count on. Not only will they handle either work like a pro, but they’ll also make your work better through high-valued collaboration and teamwork. Top employers are also more likely to offer better facilities, vehicles, and tools, giving you every chance to excel in your career.

Online vocational training for electrical training, HVAC technician training and plumber training.

What a technician knows makes all the difference in how well they can do their job. It’s no secret that the most respected vocational training in the industry comes from NexTech Academy, and it’s only available to students and technicians who work for Nexstar Network companies.

What sets NexTech Academy apart from traditional vocational trade schools? Just about everything a student might consider.

Whether you’re interested in HVAC technician training, electrical training or plumber training, students can expect NexTech Academy to be:

The bottom line: NexTech Academy does online vocational trade training better and keeps looking for ways to improve it all of the time.

Why settle for an employer that isn’t a Nexstar Network member?

When it comes time to consider your employer and where to apply, look for the brightest future possible. Look for an electrical HVAC or plumbing business that belongs to the Nexstar Network.

These companies have the proven track record, resources and training that you’ll need to succeed today, and can make you even better tomorrow. All jobs are not equal and all employers are not the same. Do your homework, ask questions and begin by asking, “are you a member of the Nexstar Network.” If they are not, you need to keep looking. Or, just look on the Nexstar Network job board and know you’re applying with the best.

Work with the best by applying with a Nexstar Network business, and make sure your training is the best by choosing to learn with NexTech Academy. It’s an undeniable path to a great future in the skilled trades. In fact, you can get started now learning more about NexTech Academy, or give us a call us at (651) 426-2000.