Law 9: Build a Team Whose Members Support Each Other; Empower Leadership from Every Position

Your company is made of many different people with varying roles and levels of experience. How can your apprentices as well as seasoned technicians help facilitate learning and development? What if certain people aren’t interested in collaborative learning? What if members of your team don’t feel responsible for contributing or are not welcoming of those […]

Law 8: Use the Resources (People, Places and Equipment) Available to Execute the Program

PEOPLE One advantage to involving others in training is that students receive a wider perspective and different angles of knowledge. The Training Leader may have taken on the responsibility of heading this effort, but certain staff members will also have valuable contributions. As a Training Leader, at times you may need to delegate these tasks […]

Law 7: Hold Students Accountable When Expectations are Not Met

NexTech Academy provides an online vocational training program for the plumbing, HVAC and electrical trades. Recent blog posts have walked you through a series of laws that guide Training Leaders to be most successful in implementing this program in their companies. Students in this program are supported–no one expects them to learn on their own. […]

Law 6: Hold Regular Check-ins to Ensure Participation and Progress in the Program

Successful companies who use NexTech’s online plumbing, electrical and HVAC training program meet with their students on a regular basis to discuss their learning and growth. As you learned in the previous post of this series, it’s crucial to stay disciplined by adhering to the goals and standards you’ve set. Holding consistent check-ins with your […]

Law 5: Set Clear Expectations for Your Students

Training new electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians is a hefty undertaking! We’ve created a series of ten laws or guidelines to help you cover your bases. You can find the previous five blog posts in this series here. When students enroll in the NexTech training program, it’s crucial that they fully understand what it entails. […]

Law 3: Ensure the Training Leader Has the Bandwidth to Oversee the Program

So far in this series, we’ve discussed the first two laws of NexTech Academy: to start by creating a thoughtful training program, and to then align all departments on the value of training. The third law addresses bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth someone has refers to their capacity–how much can they give to a certain […]

The 10 Laws of NexTech Academy

Let’s face it: finding qualified technicians isn’t as easy as it once was. Most companies have realized this fact and shifted their hiring practice towards finding candidates with the right attitude. Technical skills can be trained! When NexTech Academy – Nexstar’s online, self-paced, trades-focused technical training school – was introduced in 2018, it was an […]