Ideal Soft Skills for Home Service Technicians in the Plumbing and HVAC Industries

Wouldn’t it be grand if fixing an issue was all that was expected of you as a plumbing technician or HVAC technician? Obviously, it would be, and just as obvious, it’s not. Your responsibilities extend far beyond the source of the service call. There’s also the human element of the customer relationship experience that needs […]

Q&A With NexTech Academy HVAC Coach Joe DeLong

Industry Insights: Joe DeLong, NexTech Academy HVAC Coach

How did you get into the HVAC trade? Twenty-two years ago, when I was 20 years old, I moved to Florida, and my brother introduced me to the industry.  He was a comfort advisor for a local company at the time, and I started as a helper for an install crew with absolutely no experience. […]

Why Is Plumber Training a Valuable Career Move?

Plumbing is one of the most important skilled trades. Can you imagine a world without clean drinking water or waste disposal? Those basic daily luxuries we take for granted are all thanks to plumbers. Plumbing is a highly sought-after and skilled trade for motivated individuals. A career as a plumber can lead to long-term success […]

A Student’s Perspective On The NexTech Academy Online Plumbing Training Program

Industry Insights: Video Interview with Trainees from The Eco Plumbers

In June, Nexstar Network member, The Eco Plumbers of Columbus, Ohio, hosted a peer group. What’s a peer group? Good question. It’s when one Nexstar member company opens its doors to other members and shares what’s working well and what isn’t in their business. Collectively, the group learns from each other’s successes and brainstorms how […]

HVAC Training Courses Near Me

You already know that Google can easily tell you where to find a “coffee shop near me.” Interestingly, the search giant can also show you your options for “HVAC training courses near me.” Go ahead. Try it. That’s handy, if becoming an HVAC technician is your next career goal. What should you do if a […]

5 Reasons to Consider Online Technical Training

As you consider your job options, work as a plumber, electrician, or HVAC technician may be among your top choices. Entering these fields once required technicians to train at costly vocational schools, where rigid schedules made it difficult to keep up with work, family, and other commitments outside of school. Advancements in technology have created […]

Scholarships Now Available from Explore the Trades!

NexTech Academy has partnered with Explore The Trades to offer scholarships to veterans hoping to enter the PHCE field. Explore the Trades actively drives young adults, ages 15-25, into the PHCE service industry through education of employees, businesses and schools. This program uses statistics, advocacy and outreach to potential employees to build awareness about these […]

Which Type of Plumber Training is Right for You?

Today, more and more people are training to become plumbers. Plumbing is a fast-growing, rewarding industry that offers excellent benefits and salaries. Since plumbing is expected to grow 8% by 2026, the opportunities for plumbers will only increase. As the field continues to expand, now’s the perfect time to get your foot in the door […]

Your Customers Care—Why Teaching Soft Skills Prepares Technicians for Everyday Situations

A recent Harvard Graduate School of Education study concluded that jobs that require high levels of cognitive, technical, and social skills have seen the highest levels of employment and wage growth relative to other jobs. Like other skill-based learning, social skills need to be trained and practiced repeatedly. This is especially true in the residential […]