Five Ways Online Technical Training Supports Your Plumbing and HVAC Business in 2020

December 11, 2019

The most often utilized tool in a plumbing or HVAC technician’s tool bag is wisdom. They rely upon it every day and with every service call. As the owner of a plumbing or HVAC business, you understand that your success rests almost entirely upon the quality of your technicians in the field. What they know—or don’t know—impacts bottom-line aspects such as time-on-site, proper issues diagnosis, customer service and quality of repair. Of course, the ultimate impact is found in your plumbing or HVAC business profitability. Therefore it’s not a large leap to see how the single best investment a plumbing or HVAC business owner can make toward ongoing success is plumber training and HVAC technician training.

As a member of the Nexstar Network, your technicians already have access to one of the premier online technical training programs for plumbing and HVAC technicians—the NexTech Academy. Flexible and highly cost-efficient, the NexTech Academy provides much needed online vocational training programs. Their innovative combination of modules built around readings, instructional videos, and interactive exercises instill more than knowledge to your technicians. NexTech Academy also delivers training in a manner that supports your plumbing or HVAC business operations in 5 key ways.

Support 1) Training that doesn’t remove technicians from opportunity.

Plumbing and HVAC business owners can be sure that any amount of time and money they invest in training will pay off. However, training can have a short term impact on business operations and owners are wise to plan for it. The act of taking a course means technicians will be unavailable for service calls. To help alleviate this reality, NexTech Academy plumbing and HVAC technician training is online, making it easily accessible. Online training also eliminates the need for travel time. Perhaps even better, NexTech Academy vocational training programs offer flexible scheduling. This enables your technicians to learn what they need to, at times when it’s right for your operations. Using NexTech Academy online vocational training programs, when service calls flood your phone lines and email, your technicians will be available to hit the field instead of being in a classroom.

Support 2) An adaptable curriculum that suits common concerns.

NexTech Academy materials can be updated easily to accommodate and address your plumbing or HVAC business needs. The courses are designed to prepare plumbing and HVAC technicians to handle the most common concerns and pain points. Rather than focussing on myopic details or service call rarities, NexTech Academy trains your technicians to handle the situations they will encounter most often in the field. This approach to curriculum maximizes your training ROI by empowering technicians to handle a larger volume of service calls and to address them more competently.

Support 3) Training technicians on what’s needed most.

Every successful plumbing or HVAC business owner knows their team of technicians inside and out. You can identify their strengths and understand exactly where they need improvement. Often, identifying what or who needs help can be as clear as looking at the number of follow-up service calls required to repair a single issue. Another great tip for identifying a technician shortcoming is to investigate customer service feedback. Of course, knowing about an issue is only half of the equation. The second half is the NexTech Academy vocational training programs. It’s a plumbing or HVAC business owners go-to resource to bolster technician skills, knowledge and talents. The right training is the most effective way to improve low service scores, multiple visit repairs and other money-losing situations that result from under-trained technicians in the field.

Support 4) Building the wonder technician.

The more a plumbing and HVAC technician knows, the more you can count on them to build your business success. Vocational training from NexTech Academy provides an exceptional base of knowledge. In fact, the program is built upon holding students accountable for growing their skill sets. Why? Because ultimately, it’s not about participating in sessions—the bottom line is always expanding a plumbing or HVAC technician’s base of knowledge. However, more knowledgeable technicians are only the start of the benefits you’ll see as the business owner. Attributes such as self-discipline and increased technician responsibility are both rooted in what a plumbing or HVAC technician knows, how they acquired the training and their comfort level with an assignment. Knowledge gained from online technical training profoundly impacts how effective a technician is on service calls, whether working solo or as part of a team.

Support 5) The best ROI you’ll see all year.

Dollars in and dollars out. For plumbing and HVAC business owners it can be difficult to evaluate operations in any other context. The good news is that the dollars you send out to train and improve plumbing and HVAC technicians generate significantly more dollars coming in. For owners who want to keep business investments in the black, no single opportunity equals the ROI of NexTech Academy vocational training programs. As a member of Nexstar Network, you have highly desirable access to proven, cost-effective and value-driven vocational training programs for your plumbing technicians and HVAC technicians.

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