How Can a Nexstar Network Membership Help Electricians Train with NexTech Academy?

It’s likely your electrical business has already benefited in many ways from being a member of the Nexstar Network. Whether it’s due to the business coaching, planning or advising, there are a number of resources Nexstar Network offers to help your business grow. But now, arguably the best perk of your Nexstar Network membership is […]

NexTech User Profile: Five Star Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric

Larry Sinn is the owner of Five Star Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric in Greer, South Carolina. He currently has two plumbers in NexTech Academy and he is currently holding the training leader role and shepherding the apprentices through the program. Larry took a few moments to share how he’s using NexTech Academy as his […]

NexTech User Profile: Corley Plumbing, Air and Electric

C.K. Baker is the plumbing and electrical service manager of Corley Plumbing, Air and Electric in Greenville, South Carolina. His company currently has three plumbers in NexTech Academy, all apprentices that have different learning styles. C.K. appreciates that NexTech Academy is flexible and self-paced, enabling apprentices that learn differently to tailor the program to their […]

Hire for Success

Ask anyone who owns an HVAC, electric or plumbing business what their biggest challenge is, and their response is almost always the same; recruitment. With each passing year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract young adults into the skilled trades. So what’s a business owner supposed to do as the candidate pool shrinks? How are […]

How Nexstar Network’s Industry Experience Supports NexTech Academy Training

hvac technicians

NexTech Academy is among the most effective providers of online technical training programs for HVAC technician training, electrical training and plumber training. But who is NexTech Academy and how did they earn their reputation? NexTech Academy was an idea born from necessity and developed by members of the Nexstar Network, an organization of residential contractors […]

Useful Tips for Your New Plumbing Technicians

Among the very best things an employer can hope to see in a new employee is genuine excitement to get started. Few employees are more excited and eager to get out in the field and prove their worth than a new plumbing technician. They’re eager to start their new career path, earn respect, and build […]

How to Share Feedback With New Technicians

Improvement for new electrical, HVAC and plumbing technicians can come in many forms. Often, electrical, HVAC and plumbing owners such as yourself will turn to vocational training programs like those from NexTech Academy or apprenticeships, but few methods offer the immediate impact of feedback. New electrical, HVAC and plumbing technicians crave quick input from their […]

Useful Tips for Your New HVAC Technicians

You’ve supported and trained your HVAC students over the last 9-12 months and now they are starting to get into the truck, running basic repair and maintenance calls. Congratulations! You are moving forward in creating your own workforce and that is highly commendable. YAY! Now that we’ve celebrated, we’ve got to get back to reality. […]

What Do You Do When Your New Technician Is Underperforming?

Hiring for character and training for skill makes a lot of sense in residential home services. Our industry knows that there are not many skilled tradespeople looking for work, so growing our own workforce is a viable solution to ensure that we keep up with homeowner demand. Online technical training makes this easier, and the […]

What Business Owners Can Do To Prepare New Technicians For Home Visits In Five Steps

If you are in a position to grow your own workforce and hire for character and train for skill, you need to think beyond technical training. You’ll want to make sure you’re balancing task-based skills with the practical application of customer service best practices. In residential service, the soft skills are equally important to technical […]