The Development Stages of your Team

When you’re building a team from the ground up using NexTech Academy, one of the most critical roles is that of the training leader, whose support ensures the success of the program. But that doesn’t mean the training leader does everything alone. Training leaders also need the support of the students and other technicians participating […]

How to Build Your Future with NexTech Academy

Attitude shapes success. When you are a young apprentice working for an electrical, HVAC or plumbing business, behavior and mindset have a tremendous impact on your personal success and the bottom line. It is important that everyone within an organization takes moments of personal reflection from time to time. Think about what you do and […]

The Importance of Personal Safety

There are a variety of dangers inherent to the skilled trades. Of course, dangers exist with every job, but anytime you are using tools in combination with water, electricity and gases, well, the opportunity for an accident escalates. This is why it’s important for electricians, HVAC technicians and plumbers to understand the potential risks and […]

Managing NexTech Academy in Your Business

One of the first questions asked when NexTech Academy is implemented in a business is, “how should this program be managed?” Taking the step into organized long term training can be intimidating, and many training leaders are unsure of the “best” way to do it. Here at NexTech Academy, we want to share insights into […]

Why Should Technicians Work for Nexstar Network Members?

If you’re thinking of becoming an electrical, HVAC or plumbing technician, the smartest choice you can make is to seek employment with a business that belongs to the Nexstar Network. The same is true if you’re already a veteran technician searching out a new opportunity. In both cases, you want a company that has proven […]

The Power of the Training Leader

A common misconception in the role of the training leader is the necessity of trade experience required to facilitate the NexTech Academy program in a business. Traditionally, a trainer or someone in a training role would be knowledgeable in whatever area they were responsible for training; however, in NexTech Academy, that is not the case. […]

How Can Owners Recruit People to Become Technicians?

The job of recruiting people into the skilled trades of electrical, HVAC and plumbing has never been easy. What business owners could count on, however, were legacy workers. Those were apprentices and technicians that learned the skilled trades from their parents, who learned from their parents and so on. But today, it’s become a serious […]

The Big Picture: Company Incentives

“What’s in it for me”? It’s safe to say that we have all asked this question in one form or another while searching for motivation to take action. If the payoff is worth the price, we then have the motivation and buy-in to do the work. In theory, this is a simple equation; however, when […]

How to Select the Right Training Leader for Your Technicians

NexTech Academy makes online vocational training for aspiring electricians, HVAC technicians and plumbers faster, easier and arguably, more effective. A great deal of these benefits is due to the quality of the content, depth of course topics, robustness of the platform and self-guided learning. But there is something else that makes a critical difference in […]