Learning a skilled trade such as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical takes time. Often when we start something new the most common asked question is when will I be done? There are so many factors to consider when completing an online trade school program. Essentially, it comes down to your determination and setting your pace towards graduation at NexTech Academy.

Tracking Your Progress

It is important to remember when learning a new trade to take your time to understand the content rather than rushing to the finish line. Although we don’t set a specific schedule, we do offer tips on pacing so you can complete the program in 18 to 24 months.

Here are some tips on how to track your progress:

The Big Picture

The foundation of keeping track of your progress will ultimately lead you to accomplish your goals. Keep your eyes on the prize as you prepare for an exciting new career in the trades.

Plan and Organize Your Time

Break down the goal into smaller tasks and setting a daily schedule to reach those tasks. You can keep a journal or a planner to help you map out your plan.

Look for Growth

Highlight any tasks that are interesting or important skills that you want to master. Ask a senior staff on your team to spend a little more time on those skills set with you. When you realize your area of growth you can move your goals along.

Celebrate Wins

Stay positive along the way. The purpose of tracking is to determine the direction of your target goal. Set small wins along the way and celebrate those benchmarks either it is five lessons in or halfway through the program.

Training Leaders

Your training leader will be your biggest supporter throughout the online vocational training program. They will be there to set expectations, check in and measure your progress. You should seek them first when you are facing any challenges with the lesson or have a question. It is important to keep in mind that they believe in you and are invested in supporting you to succeed as well.

Graduation Day

Before you know it, graduation day will be right around the corner! You will take the final exam and submit your graduation form to your training leader. Your training leader will sign off on the form and that will notify NexTech Academy to send your graduation Timberland Pros boots code. Lastly, the best part of graduating is becoming a certified and recognized Nexstar Network Member Technician. We can’t wait to see you at the finish line! If you have new hires or are interested in our online vocational training at NexTech Academy, get started with us today or call us at (651) 426-2000.