Training Then, Training Today, & Training Tomorrow

Training is a part of the employee learning experience and company alignment process that never ends. Specifically speaking, training for technicians in the residential home service trades has always been a very hands-on learning experience since the invention of plumbing in ancient civilizations, Carrier’s invention of the modern air conditioning system in 1902, and the […]

Navigating NexTech Academy

How is NexTech Academy organized? NexTech Academy users can select their trade training track during the sign-up process. We have the following training tracks available: Plumbing Technical Training Electrical Technical Training HVAC Cooling Start (for members that want to start learning the basics of cooling first) HVAC Heating Start (for members that want to start […]

Frequently Asked Question Resources

Implementing NexTech Academy into your company may feel like a lot of work, but we have you covered. We understand what it takes to grow your technicians and tailoring a training program to fit with your company initiatives. Our FAQ page provides you with the resources to the questions you may have about our vocational […]

Return On Investment: NexTech Students Producing Revenue

Ryan Lumpkins, general manager of Boothe’s HVAC currently has four students enrolled in NexTech Academy’s plumbing and HVAC online technical training programs. Boothe’s specializes in the repairs, maintenance, and replacement of existing residential comfort control systems and having qualified and trained technicians is vital to their growth. Ryan shares his success with NexTech Academy and […]

Get To Know Dave Herding NexTech Academy Instructional Designer

Dave Herding

How did you get into instructional design? I started my teaching career using classroom lectures as the primary means to disseminate information to my students.  But over time, I became dissatisfied with such traditional forms of education and training methodologies, since actual learning and effectiveness was difficult to objectively measure.  So I enrolled in a […]

Meet Steven Vang, NexTech’s Instructional Designer

Steven Vang

How did you get into instructional design? By complete accident. I never realized that there was a whole industry called instructional design or technical writing. I have been writing contracts and applications since I was a teenager for personal businesses and school clubs. And growing up in a bilingual household, I have always had to […]

Built to Be the Best Electrician Training Option

The new NexTech Academy electrician training courses have been a long time in the making. Our coaches, instructional designers, business leaders, and training professionals have spent countless months developing a program that would exceed your expectations and prepare electrical students for success. We’ve taken our time to be sure each aspect was right so students […]

NexTech 2.0 Is Here!

Since NexTech Academy launched, we’ve been busy analyzing how users are using the program and planning for improvements. Our observations have led us to the development of NexTech 2.0, offering improved learning experiences and student performance tracking. NexTech 2.0 Webinar Every Tuesday, in the month of April starting on April 14, the NexTech Team will […]

Get To Know Jeff Atwell, NexTech’s Plumbing Technical Coach

Jeff Atwell

How did you get into your trade? What was your trade education experience like? I fell into the trade. My brother owned a plumbing company, and once I graduated I needed a job, and he needed help. I didn’t anticipate this being a career, more of a way to make a paycheck. I started at […]